About This Blog


So-in lieu of starting with some boring “Welcome” phrase, we will instead offer up this:

“Quiet People Have The Loudest Minds.”

Somebody named Stephen King said that. But he isn’t important. What is important is that my sister and I have minds filled with words. Yes, peasants, words. (Side note: If you had to look up ‘peasants’ on Urban Dictionary, you should not be reading this blog.) Alright, the idea is that is a book review blog. This is how that works. We read a book. We offer up a prejudiced but 110% honest review of that book. You do what you want.

Now, Hermione and Clara obviously aren’t our real names. (And this is not Clara from the Nutcracker, FYI). They are code names. And here is a bit about us:


Really, I choose the pseudonym “Hermione” for the usual reasons–books and cleverness. But unlike J.K. Rowling’s Hermione, I am a (very proud) Slytherin. I enjoy classic literature (Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Shakespeare), adult historical fiction, men with dark hair and Irish accents (hello Cillian Murphy) and very loud rock/alternative/classical/Broadway music. My favoritest (shh it’s a word) books in the entire world are probably All The Light We Cannot See, The Book Thief, the first Percy Jackson series…and of course lots and lots more, but if I start listing all the books I love I’ll never stop. As for favorite movies–Far and Away, The Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing and Ever After. Apparently I like historical-fiction romances. ALSO I have naturally curly hair, which I am rather snobbish about, and I have small fluffy dog, who is even more snobbish than I am. Clara is my darling-est blogging-mate and insane sister, and we quite enjoy being controversial. Au Revoir!


I like to read. I actually have no idea why I just said that; that should be a given if you write on a BOOK BLOG. Anyways, I enjoy fantasy books, Time Travel, Legos, LegoLAS, Sci-Fi, chocolate, irritating Hermione, stuffed animals, magical places, glitter, and writing run-on sentences.  I dislike strong female characters, math, science teachers WHO RUIN THE WORLDS NATURAL BEAUTY, and James Dean. If I could travel anywhere I would go to New Zealand because it’s LOTR, DUH!!! If I started to list my favorite books we’d be here until the Second Coming so I’ll just have to leave you in SUSPENSE. In the blogging world I tend to enjoy expressing my controversial opinions and writing incoherent posts about my bookish passions. I enjoy Broadway musicals (Gleb I love you), and I also hold tightly to the theory that Socialism is Communism in disguise and the Russians are going to take over America.

Kirk Out!

We very much hope you enjoy our blog! Thanks ever so much for stopping by!!!