So in lieu of starting with some boring “Welcome” phrase, we will instead offer up this:

“Quiet People Have The Loudest Minds.”

Somebody named Stephen King said that. But he isn’t important. What is important is that my sister and I have minds filled with words. Yes, peasants, words. (Side note: If you had to look up ‘peasants’ on Urban Dictionary, you should not be reading this blog.) Alright, the idea is that is a book review blog. This is how that works. We read a book. We offer up a prejudiced but 110% honest review of that book. You do what you want.

(Shhh, we’ve also branched out a bit and this is more of a Fandom Culture blog now, but don’t tell Hermione and Clara from 2016. We still do bookish things, after all).

Here is a bit about us:


Really, I choose the pseudonym “Hermione” for the usual reasons—books and cleverness. But unlike J.K. Rowling’s Hermione, I am a (very proud) Slytherin. I love classic literature, especially Victorian era things, as well as historical and literary fiction. My favorite books include This Side of Paradise (oh, Amory Blaine, you smol sad communist child), All The Light We Cannot See, The Book Thief, and most recently, Normal People by Sally Rooney. Since I’ve started university, I’ve become addicted to coffee (yay Starbucks) and spend a great deal of my time frantically studying, writing poetry, and sometimes finding the time for a Korean film/drama. Seventeen-year-old me would be pleased to know that I still occasionally lie in the dark and listen to My Chemical Romance, though lately, I’ve been back into classical music and Broadway. I think I should end with this gif of Cillian Murphy, as the last time I wrote this paragraph I listed him off as a personal “enjoyment”…and I think an aesthetic gif will be slightly less cringy.

*heart eyes*

Hermione in gifs:



Clara Oswin Oswald here, Hermione’s slightly more spastic counterpart. I used Clara for my pseudonym for a very logical reason; I had just spent twenty-plus hours marathoning Doctor Who, and thought “Why the heck not?” In terms of literature, my favorite books are Wuthering Heights, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, and What is Left the Daughter. I also am fairly obsessed with The Phantom of the Opera, (Rierra forever) and Byronic heroes.  I write my own music, enjoy crying in the dark, and have a totally irrational amount of hatred for James Dean. Fictionally, I could be summed up as a chaotic female version of Eric, crying into an organ in a black cape surrounded by cats and candles. My life’s dream is to perform as Christine on Broadway, and I’m not just saying that to be a snobbish phan. I actually can sing. In the blogging world, I tend to enjoy expressing my controversial opinions and writing incoherent posts about my book-ish and movie-ish passions. I enjoy Broadway musicals (Gleb, Eric, and JD I love you), and I also hold tightly to the theory that Socialism is Communism in disguise and the Russians are going to take over America.


Clara in gifs:


So our blogging process sort of goes like this…





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