BTS Blog Week: Outro



Ayyyyooo! It’s officially the last day of BTS blog week for us! I know it was little over a week, but that’s okay because it was BTS. If you completely don’t care and are just glad this is over, then that’s okay too. Believe me, we didn’t do this just to discourage our readers who like more literary content (also the Wings songs in and of themselves, are pretty literary, take that, ddaeng). BTS isn’t my favorite band just because they’re hot (though that is a reason lol); I think there is a lot that can be learned from their music.


They have a message that they want to share, and they choose to do it through music. BTS is a great example of how music and emotion can transcend language. They have just exploded internationally lately, and there’s obviously a reason for that. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, BTS has a way of reaching out to you. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I want to say one more huge thank you to all the artists from the Army Amino who sent in artwork for our covers. I have one last lovely piece of the boys in their hanboks from “Idol” sent in by .cypher #minjoon.

If you were totally inspired by this last week and a half and are now looking for some BTS jams, Clara recommends “Dope,” “Ddaeng,” “The Truth Untold,” “August D” (Suga’s mixtape), “Blood Sweat and Tears,” and of course, the entire Wings album. Their Dark and Wild album is definitely worth a listen also. Hoping you have a BTS-filled rest of your day!

(P.S.: In case you wanted Hermione’s fav BTS’s songs: “Airplane pt. 2,” “I’m Fine,” “Anpanman,” “Idol,” and “DNA.” Fangirls fighting!)





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