BTS Blog Week: V [Stigma]

Credit to TsukinoFleur on Deviant Art for the Wings cover.


Ayyyoooo!! It’s Clara again if you were wondering. Sorry for the one day delay (actually two day delay–Hermione is a slow editor, whoops); I was having network difficulty and I also just didn’t feel like doing anything, ya know? Well, today is our last day of BTS blog week (shhhh a week can be nine days you know;)) and who better to wrap things up with than the beautiful, awesome, angelic, sexy Kim Taehyung?


This is literally the definition of “get yourself a man who can do it all.”



I’ve been hiding it
I tell you something
Just to leave it buried
Now I can’t endure it anymore
Why couldn’t I say it then
I have been hurting anyway
Really I won’t be able to endure it
Now cry
It’s only that I’m very sorry towards you
Again, cry because I couldn’t protect you

Deeper, deeper, the wound just gets deeper
Like pieces of broken glass that I can’t reverse
Deeper, it’s just the heart that hurts every day
(You) who was punished in my stead,
You who were only delicate and fragile

Stop crying, tell me something
Try saying to me, who had no courage
Why did you do that to me then
I’m sorry

Forget it,
What right do I have
To tell you to do this, or that

Deeper, deeper, the wound just gets deeper
Like pieces of broken glass that I can’t reverse
Deeper, it’s just the heart that hurts every day
(You) who was punished in my stead,
You who were only delicate and fragile

I’m sorry I’m sorry
I’m sorry ma brother
Even if (I try to) hide it, or conceal it, it can’t be erased
Are you calling me a sinner
What more do I have to say

I’m sorry I’m sorry
I’m sorry ma sister
Even if (I try to) hide it, or conceal it, it can’t be erased
So cry
Please dry my eyes

That light, that light, please illuminate my sins
Where I can’t turn back the red blood is flowing down
Deeper, I feel like dying every day
Please let me be punished
Please forgive me for my sins


Ahhhh, “Stigma”. This is such a great song, and Tae does it so well!!! I was totally surprised the first time I heard it because I guess I’m just used to V’s sexy low notes? I mean, I’ve heard him sing beautifully high before, but I expected his solo song to be in a lower register, so I was pretty excited to hear dem beautiful high notes. V was incredibly nervous to perform “Stigma” by himself; he said he wasn’t sure if his presence would “fill up” the stage. Tae, you could go on stage in a trash bag and make duck noises for three minutes and your fans would still be screaming and frothing at the mouth, okay? People as beautiful as you should not be allowed to feel self-conscious. YOU ARE PERFECT TAETAE.


“Stigma” has pretty straightforward lyrics. Tae has some sort of terrible secret that’s wearing on his heart: it’s cutting him like “broken glass” and is hurting other people. The song is an admission of guilt and weakness; the word Stigma literally meaning an admission of guilt or shame. So, what is Tae ashamed of? Well, for one thing, in the HYYH storyline, Tae kills his father. I was totally shocked the first time I saw the imagery: while his father is beating his sister, Tae stabs him with a broken glass bottle. Tae’s father was supposed to be an abusive alcoholic who beat Tae and his sister often. Tae’s character is the embodiment of Youth’s rebellion, and I think that’s pretty much as rebellious as you can get.


The lyrics tie directly back to this aspect of the story: “Deeper, deeper, the wound just gets deeper/Like pieces of broken glass that I can’t reverse/Deeper, it’s just the heart that hurts every day/You who was punished in my stead/You who were only delicate and fragile.” The broken bottle very obviously represents the shattering of his childhood innocence, where the lyrics “You who were punished in my stead/you who were delicate and fragile,” refer to his sister, who took the blame for him. As the song continues, V begs to be freed from his “sin.”


I think the short film did a beautiful job of showing imagery drawn from the theme of the song. In the beginning, we see V in the midst of his youthful rebellion, as he is arrested after vandalizing a building. We’ve seen him do this before with Namjoon, so it’s not exactly a surprise. This time, though, he’s caught. I think Tae’s vandalism is a way of taking out his pain of what his father does to him, which would explain the almost excited look he gets when he’s arrested.


(BTW when they were filming, Tae said he’d never been handcuffed before and he kinda liked it. AYO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WE HAVE A CRIMINAL IN THE MAKING!!)


Just kidding! Awwwww lil’ Taetae

As V is interrogated, you see his reactions in his subconscious. He appears as a figure dressed all in white in a dark room. You could note how when V is asked about his parents and he responds that he has none, the figure in his subconscious stumbles as if he’s been punched. A puppy appears and runs up to him, but as V is giving it a cuddle, a cage comes down from above and traps him. There is a shot of the shattering bottle, and the puppy, aka Tae’s innocence, runs away, leaving him to face his choices. You could tie this back to his character’s representation of childhood rebellion: he is no longer a child and is now caught between the innocence of his youth and the cold world of adulthood.


In Tae’s eye, you see a quick reflection of the painting that J-Hope did all his Wings photos with. I think this means that family is still important to Tae, even after all his father has done to him. The rest of the video is really very easy to understand: you see Tae snuggling with his sister while his father drinks, and then Tae killing his father. The phone booth we’ve seen before with Namjoon appears. This doesn’t surprise me anymore; RM’s and V’s characters are connected, after all. What is surprising is that we’re a shot of Tae cutting his hair from the “Danger” mv. “Dark and Wild” and “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” are linked??? Geeze, what are you going to throw at us next, Bighit?? The video ends with an INSANE plot twist for the groupies: Tae asks for a phone call. If you’re like like ‘oh wow, a phone call, what a plot twist, but THIS MEANS THAT STIGMA IS  THE PREQUEL TO THE PROLOGUE AND HE MIGHT HAVE KILLED THE INTERROGATOR AND MY HEART IS OH MY GOSH.


Aww, it’s kind of sad ending all these BTS posts, but I will do a short little outro tomorrow to thank all the contributing artists and explain the point of this craycray nine-day week. Hope you enjoyed!

**Today’s featured art (created by Btsfanart) is absolutely GORGEOUS:


So I think Clara did a fab job with explaining everything, so I don’t really have to much to say here. I have to wonder though how much of the Wings storylines were premeditated…did V write “Stigma” solely with HYYP in mind, or was the storyline created to fit the song itself? I would think it was a little of both, as most of the members seemed to be writing their songs from personal experience. What then is Kim Taehyung’s “stigma” that inspired him to write the song? IDK fam, but these questions matter. Also, if you’re confused on everything Clara was talking about with the phone call and the timelines and the random white puppy, DON’T WORRY. I don’t get it either and she’s tried to explain it to me like five times. (It would probably help if I actually watched the videos….and I call myself an Army, lol).

Now For Some Random Thoughts on Kim Taehyung That Nobody Wanted: Basically V has always been my secret bias wrecker. You see this gif? This was the moment that sold me to BTS.


Also, please stop whitewashing Tae’s golden skin because it’s bloody gorgeous.


And I mean it–can BTS seriously please do a “no makeup” concept?


Would it not fit perfectly with their whole idea of “Beyond the Scene”? Obviously, they would still be wearing stage makeup, but imagine a whole series of music videos with minimal to no makeup….oh my heartu, be still my heartu. Let’s start a hashtag for this thing, people. ARMY fighting!

Also also, Tae’s blank face is hilarious.


Also also also, Clara stuck this gif in here, but idk what it means.


Did she mean it was me and her? Who’s supposed to be who, then? Or is it just a general “you” and “me”? CLARA EXPLAIN.

And now for a slew of Tae gifs, because he’s the visual, duh.


–Hermione + Clara



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