BTS Blog Week: Junkook [Begin]

All to credit to TsukinoFleur on Deviant Art for these beautiful Wings covers that Clara’s been using to make our featured images!

Ayo fam! Today we are analyzing “Begin,” the solo song of BTS’s golden maknae, Jeon Jungkook.


Yes. Yes, I do.


When I was fifteen years old, I had nothing
The world was too big and I was small
Now I can’t even imagine now
I was scentless and completely empty
I pray

Love you my brother, I’ve got brothers
I discovered emotions, I became me
So I’m me
Now I’m me

You make me begin
You make me begin
You make me begin
(Smile with me, smile with me
Smile with me)
You make me begin
(Smile with me, smile with me)

I can’t take it anymore
Because you are crying
I want to cry in your place
Although I can’t

You make me begin
You make me begin
You make me begin
(Cry with me, cry with me
Cry with me)
You make me begin
(Cry with me, cry with me

I feel like dying
When my brother is sad
When my brother is sick
It hurts more than when I’m sick

Brother let’s cry, cry, cry and get it over with
I don’t know much about sadness
But I’m gonna cry anyway
Because, because

You made me again
You made me again
You made me again
(Fly with me, fly with me
Fly with me)
You made me again
(Fly with me, fly with me


The lyrics to “Begin” can be interpreted  pretty literally, as evident by the first line: “The fifteen-year-old me who had nothing/the world was so big and I was so small.” As these lyrics suggest, Jungkook became a trainee when he was fifteen, and he was somewhat frightened by being suddenly pushed into this new world.


The rest of the song is a bit of a thank you letter to his BTS Hyungs who supported him in his transition to adulthood. If you think about it, Jungkook spent some of his most formative years with BTS. I think it was Suga who said Jungkook was shorter than him when he joined the group and seeing Kookie grow taller than him makes Suga feel like he’s raised him. Awwwwww ♡♡♡.  Jungkook has even said in an interview that he’s thankful to his Hyungs for raising him.


He is most upset when one of his Hyungs is struggling and he can’t help them; he prefers his own struggles to theirs. The older members were so obviously mentors to Jungkook, and it just melts my heart when he talks about how they basically raised him. RM basically wrote “Begin”; Jungkook was unable to express his emotions and make it into a piece of music, so his Hyung RM helped him out. RM even said, “At first, I was hesitant and unsure of writing as if I were Jungkook. To speak from his perspective when I am not him was a confusing and uncertain task. Jungkook never says he’s stressed or under pressure. The only time I heard him express such feelings was when he saw the rest of us go through the bad weathers. I took the idea from that and tried to embody his strong spirit.” Jungkook cried the first time the other members listened to the song. The members asked why he was embarrassed and he said that it was because it was dedicated to them.


The song itself can be tied back to when the members were discussing their individual struggles. Jungkook burst into tears, saying he hated to see them suffering. Of course, being the soft-hearted cupcakes they are, the rest if BTS all started sobbing too (I was also crying #ISTANBTS). It’s amazing to me to see how well Jungkook has weathered the challenge of becoming an idol at such a young age, and I want to cry whenever I think about the relationships he’s formed with the other members. They are his family, and “Begin” will make sure they never forget that.




My theories on this might be a bit outdated; apparently, there is a whole bunch of new theories that have just come out. I don’t have a concrete idea of the entire meaning of the video, but it definitely has a connection to Suga and Jungkook’s characters in the HYYH storyline. The drawing Jungkook holds is based off a picture of Suga from the “Run” Era, and later you see a picture of Suga stuck on the corner of the mirror.


Jungkook has several flashes of Suga’s burning piano. There’s also this weird painting that catches fire, though I’m not sure whom the subject of the painting is supposed to be. Apparently, there’s a fan theory that it’s a mashup of Jungkook’s and Suga’s faces? I think Suga’s face would make the most sense because he is the one who appears the most in Jungkook’s story. One of the most popular fan theories is that Jungkook is dead. This one also makes the most sense to me, as he supposedly gets hit by a car and dies after getting beat up in the “I Need U” MV. This would suggest that the whole short takes place in some sort of afterlife and would explain Jungkook’s sorrow, his flashes of his ‘life’, and his winged shadow.


Like I said, Suga and Jungkook were paired up for this part of the story, so it makes sense that Suga, an important part of Jungkook’s life, would appear through symbols in his “afterlife.”  The burning piano is obviously a reference to Suga, but it’s unclear whether it has anything to do with the room Suga sets on fire. I have a bunch of weird theories about this but no actual information to back them up, so we’re not going to go there. I do think that Suga might have killed himself when he sets the room on fire in “I Need U.” I always viewed this as a reaction to Jungkook’s death: that Jungkook and Suga fight, Jungkook is hit by a car and dies, and Suga kills himself via fire. The timeline I looked at has Jungkook dying after Suga though, so I’m not sure. The crows in the video are an obvious allusion to some ancient religions where crows carried off the souls of the dead.


So, is Jungkook dead? Was it just a dream? What’s with the creepy painting?


I have more questions than answers, honestly. If this is interesting to you there are crazy Armys out there who have written like ten-page analyses on this. Ugghh, I wish someone would just compile a timeline so I didn’t have to spend so much time reading BTS meta and trying to organize it myself. The life of a fangirl is an exhausting one and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

*because all the boys are cutest bare-faced*

I guess I just have a few thoughts for today. Some may go into ranting territory, and I’m going to be a little controversial. You have been warned.

I too think it’s really sweet that Kookie has such a close relationship with his Hyungs. And it’s quite understandable that he’d be seriously traumatized after hearing about their inner struggles because the BTS boys deal with everything from anxiety and depression to eating disorders…I mean, wow. The Wings solos were a fantastic idea because they gave each boy a chance to release his inner darkness by transforming it into something artistic and beautiful.

Like Clara said, “Begin” is a pretty basic coming-of-age song. You could honestly do a fascinating psychological study on the maturation of kpop Idols, especially the ones like Jungkook who never got to experience the natural coming-into-yourself that characterizes the transition to adulthood. In some ways, the entire Wings storyline is essentially a stand-in for the type of coming-of-age that none of the members were able to experience; they had to expressly stimulate (and then market) a stage of psychological development that occurs organically for everyone who’s not growing up in the overly-pressurized kpop music machine.

All the more power to BTS for taking their art to that level—but when you really think about it, it is rather tragic. That Jungkook’s coming-of-age is so intricately tied up with the emotional states of his Hyungs is a statement unto itself, and almost an unintentional critique of the kpop system (because while we all like the music, you have to admit that your favorite stars are virtually being marketed as products and that the Korean entertainment system could use some reforming). It’s touching that Kookie thinks of his Hyungs as raising him…but where do his parents factor in? In my opinion, from this interpretation “Begin” almost becomes more heartbreaking. Wings truly could be interpreted as an ode to a stolen childhood.


And now, unpopular opinion time: I think that this song speaks to the fact that more than anything, all of the boys have a very close family relationship. Clearly, they have all gone through some terrible mental struggles and they operate as one another’s support system. This level of emotional connection is completely natural in this type of situation, especially when you consider how long they’ve been living together and how much time they spend together on a daily basis. I think it’s terribly gross that people try to corrupt this relationship by shipping the boys with one another. As someone who does not support homosexuality, I’m honestly sick of every fandom being consumed by it, and the BTS Army is no exception. Give it a break, please. Let the boys be boys, and stop trying to create these horrible “romances” just so you have something to entertain yourself.

Okay, rant over. If you’re terribly offended or angry with me, let’s debate in the comments.

And now, some beautiful gifs of Kookie to keep everything friendly—

–Clara & Hermione

P.S. The featured fanart on today’s cover is from A_random_ARMY. Thank you so much for contributing to our blog! ^_^




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