Mutant Bird Kids Saving the World. Oh Yes.

By Clara Oswin Oswald

Congratulations. The fact that you’re reading this means you’ve taken one giant step toward surviving till your next birthday. Yes, you, standing there leafing through these pages. Do not put this book down. I’m dead serious- your life could depend on it.


You gotta love a good hook sentence. Like, “The bomb exploded three inches from their faces!” or “My mother thinks I’m dead.”* Or my personal favorite: “Help! A crazy flesh-eating cat is driving a taco shaped van towards my house!” Yes, the first line of this post is actually the first line of Maximum Ride. I was a little leery about reading the books, and when I read that sentence, I was all, “Dang it! Now I have to read it!”


James Patterson is a MASTER as writing suspenseful thrillers without losing the characters in the fast pace of the plot. I for one am tired of action being used to cover up the fact that the characters in a book are all tropes, or that is there is really no character development at all. This is a new thing for me, but I’m going to write this review WITHOUT SPOILERS!!! I know, right? Partly because these books RUN on suspense and partly because I am in the middle of the series right now myself, and anything I try to give away it will just confuse you more.  Here’s the basic plot: Max is a genetically engineered hybrid. Cool, right?


Anyways, she and a bunch of other kids have bird genes for some reason: wings, air sacs in their stomachs, the whole shebang. They look just like normal kids, but they can fly. I would think that would be cool but I have a fear of heights, soooo…. The kids were raised in this creepy medical thingy called “The School”. The word school sends shivers down my spine anyway, but this brought it to a whole new level.


A scientist at the School, Jeb, busted out Max and the other flying kids and raised them. Then he disappeared. Max is the de-facto leader, and views herself as the younger kids’ mom (she’s only 14!). This could seem corny, but again, Patterson is a great writer and the characters are totally believable. I mean, these kids have had really hard lives. Of course they’re going to be able to fend for themselves! And I could imagine it’s totally natural for Max to have maternal instincts towards these kids she basically raised.

The rest of the Flock consist of

  • Nudge- and eleven year-old chatterbox without a filter
  • Angle- a six year-old with some interesting talents
  • The Gasman(Gazzy)- an eight year-old with a pension for explosives
  • Iggy- a blind fourteen year -old who also love to blow things up
  • Fang- THE HOT ONE. (OK, OK, there is more to Fang’s personality than his hotness, but I may or may not have a little crush on him, so don’t judge)

Oh yes.                                              max5

“The flock” basically runs around causing mayhem, having adventures, and trying to escape from Erasers, or man-wolf hybrids. Some other important facts you should know: The graphic novels are diffidently worth a read. They really bring the characters to life! Also, DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE. THE MOVIE IS POOP ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH IT WILL RUIN THE BOOKS FOR YOU FOREVER. I REPEAT DO NOT WATCH. And yes, I am aware that I said “poop.” Grow up, people. Anyways, hope this review helped you decide whether or not to read these books.



*This loverly “hook sentence” comes to you courtesy of Legend by Marie Lu. These are also fabulous books to add to your TBR list.

Content chart

Disturbing elements Genetic Mutation
Sex None
Homosexuals None
Cussing None
Graphic violence Some people get their heads beat in, but it’s too awesome to be truly scary

Remember, I am only on book three, so I claim no responsibility for anything that may occur in the books from the is point.



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  1. Max77413 says:

    Omg love this and love u😁😁😁 rock on clara

    Liked by 1 person

  2. shar says:

    I read the first 3 or 4 books in this series and really liked them. Then someone spoiled me and I decided I didn’t really want to finish anyway. But I would love to be able to fly! or be invisible. Or be invisible while flying. 😄 . I thought these books were retry great!

    Liked by 1 person

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