March Books: Featuring A Rather Caustic Quiz, Three Intoxicating Romances & Our Dog Not Caring AT ALL

Greetings, peasants!

Okay, so the general plan was to do a sort of romance themed February Books. It makes sense, right? February…Valentine’s Day…Bookish Soulmates… Yeah, it’s all perfect except for the fact that we decided to skip February Books because Time itself is apparently against us. But this is hardly a new problem, and so we just decided to go with the flow and do a more romantic March Books. Because, let’s face it, we’ve all crushed on a book character at least once, right?


All three of the books we’re recommending this month were chosen for the well-written, chemistry-filled romances they contain—and because all three of these books also have some dang fine characters. To that end, we’re carrying out our recommendations via a quiz—sort of like the quiz we did on our very first So Many Books back in August, except this quiz focuses on which character would be your ideal match. Actually, there’s two quizzes (because we’re just bloody brilliant): one quiz for the ladies, and one for the men.

So… are you ready to discover your next Book Character Soulmate?


  1. What annoying habit do you think you could put up with?
    1. Adultery {“Oh, we just work together.”}
    2. The tendency to hold a grudge (like for ten years) {“Remember that time you put the spoon in the wrong drawer?”}
    3. Never bathes {“Only a real man could put up with this much dirt.”}
  2. What would you be willing to deal with for the sake of your ideal man?
    1. Moving away from family and friends so he can pursue his dreams {“Who needs family, anyway?”}
    2. Waiting for him—for however long it takes {Fifty years later…he finally proposes}
    3. Sleeping on a rock {“Just pretend it’s a feather bed!”}
  3. Which quality do you find the most attractive in a man?
    1. Smoking Hot {“Oh, please do take off your shirt.”}
    2. A product of genetic engineering {“Look, honey, I can glow in the dark.”}
    3. A more traditional view on marriage {“Wife, if you try to run away, I’ll tie you to that tree.”}


  1. What annoying habit do you think you could put up with?
    1. An irrational fear of change {“We can’t grow daffodils where the lilies go!”}
    2. Control issues {“Wear the red socks on Monday, dear, and the blue socks on Tuesday.”}
    3. Never listens {“I know you told me to hide from that ax murderer, but…”}
  2. What would you be willing to deal with for the sake of your ideal lady?
    1. Constant whining {“But I don’t waaannntt a BMW.”}
    2. The fact that she’s got a stick up her butt {“That’s not the way we used to do it!”}
    3. The “other” men in her life {“Oh, that’s all in the past now, *wink wink*.”}
  3. Which quality do you find the most attractive in a woman?
    1. She’s forgiving {“It’s no biggie if you accidently killed the dog, dear, I don’t mind.”}
    2. She can farm! {“This here wheat is just about ready to be harvested.”}
    3. A shapely posterior {BOOM CHICA BOOM}


Okay, so you’re probably very confused right now—because that quiz hardly seems to describe absolutely irresistible characters, and we did promise you major irresistibility**. So are we heinous liars who enjoy your suffering and confusion and also secretly have ties to the Dutch mafia? YES. No, we’re just Hermione and Clara, and if you haven’t noticed already, we can get a little sarcastic. Shocking, am I right?


So JUST TRUST US, and keep reading to see which character you end up with, because none of them are as bad as we made them out to be. And once you get past our causticness, well, just remember that if you can handle someone at their worst you’ll definitely be able to love them at their best.


[And a little disclaimer: Those “quotes” up in the quiz haven’t been taken from any of the books we’re recommending. We just stuck them in there to better illustrate our points. Most of these characters totally would say stuff like that, anyway. Except for the “accidently killing the dog” one…. that one is rather sketchy.]

**Okay so we did promise this BUT everyone has different tastes in terms of who they go for—just ask us, because Clara and Hermione really do not go for the same men. SO NO TEARS OF RAGE IF YOU DON’T ACTUALLY FIND LOVE HERE because a.) we did just warn you and b.) all these people are fictional anyway.





{Link To Goodreads Summary} 

Your Results: 

Sierra Madrid= Crafty + Bilingual + A Total Knockout
Alejandro Luís Madrid= Ambitious+Muy Guapo+Mad Computer Skills

Sierra may have some issues (as alluded to in the quiz) …but she’s a pretty wicked character to read about. And what would you do if your husband suddenly informed you that you were moving to L.A. so he could pursue his career? Not that it’s just that simple…Alejandro Luís Madrid has his reasons for the move too. The real question is whether or not their love can survive a storm of ambition and emotion—and if the deepest betrayal of trust won’t ruin a marriage of ten years.



{Link To Goodreads Summary}

Your Results: 

Elliot North= Hard Working+ Intelligent + Caring
Kai= Good kisser + Swanky dresser + Inventor

Are you one of those people who likes the idea of reading a Jane Austen novel, but can’t even make it through the cliff notes? (Clara reminds you that you are not alone. Hermione thinks both Clara and you are crazy because Jane Austen is life.) Anyway, some genius got the idea of writing a YA book loosely based off of Jane Austen novels. For Darkness Shows the Stars is a perfect retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion. It contains a gorgeously written romance with a lot of “kissy” stuff–proof that chemistry can flourish without a bunch of making-out. And For Darkness Shows the Stars is a sort of dystopian/science-fiction cross, so really, how could you not read it?




{Link To Goodreads Summary}

Your Results: 

Claire Beauchamp= Curly girl + Sass + ‘Modern’ Sensibilities
Jamie Fraser= Pure Scottish Laddie+ Kilts+Abs

Ah, Scotland, the land of our birth. Just kidding, we were both born in the good old US of A, but hey, a girl can dream. Besides, mix time travel with Old Scotland and the result is predestined to be amazing. Add in characters like Claire and Jaime and the book is impossible to put down. It’s basically a Scottish soap opera–minus all the typical soap-opera tackiness–and with much more intense drama.

What do you think.PNG

Have you ever given your heart to someone “fictional”? What are your thoughts on our quiz and book selection? And most importantly, what do you think of our bookstragram skills?? (Because our dog was seriously not impressed.) 

Photographic proof of Frankie’s absolute indifference

Content Charts

The Scarlet Thread

Graphic Violence None
Sex Several sex scenes, but very G-rated, nothing graphic
Homosexuality None
Language None
Disturbing Elements None

For Darkness Shows the Stars

Graphic Violence None
Sex None
Homosexuality None
Language None
Disturbing Elements None


Graphic Violence Several intense battle sequences
Sex Very graphic—if are you are a sensitive reader, perhaps you ought to read something else
Homosexuality Present throughout the book, but put in a historical context
Language Some cussing
Disturbing Elements Rape, torture

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  1. Chelsea Jones says:

    Haha excellent! Is Outlander a super good book?

    Sent from my iPod


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it is!! However, it’s also one of those books that you have to be in just the right mood for, otherwise it gets boring. Oh, and I’m so sorry–Wordpress sort of hates me at the moment, and it keeps publishing half-finished versions of our posts, and so I think the version you read was very much not done…just so you know.


  2. This is so fun!!! Love the quizzes!

    Liked by 1 person

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