September Book Recommendations: Featuring Nipper-ing Orphans, WW2 Dramatics & Stabby Anti-Heroes

Bonjour, ladies and gentlemen! Since y’all have so much free time on your hands, what with the onset of school and all, we’ve decided to be nice, and give you three more books to read. Well, three more books to read eventually. Give it another sixty years or so, and we’ll probably end up as old nutters screaming, “Don’t pull the plug! I still have more books to read!”

As variety is the spice of life, we’ve opted not to put a bookish-soul-mate quiz on this particular edition of So Many Books. Worry not, fair souls, said quiz will reappear in the future, but for now…well, let’s get to the books already, shall we?


Oi, you dirty rotter! Are you searching for an adventure in the slums of England? Do you have a thristin’ for a bunch of pick-pocketing, dirty little nippers nipper-ing around Covenant Garden? Okay, okay, our attempt at a Cockney accent needs to disposed of immediately. But if do you have an interest in reading about people who really do know how to do the whole English gutter-rat chic thing, you need to be reading Cat Royal. Cat is one of those charming characters who is able to be a total turd and yet totally endearing at the same time. Add in a myriad cast of other colorful characters—Pedro, the stuck-up African violinist, Frank—a privileged lord turned chimney sweep, and Billy “Boil” Shepheard—a villainous scumbag that rules over the streets of London. Are you intrigued yet, ya dirty git?



If an opera or some really elegant classical music was solidified and turned into a book, that book would be Atonement. Its characters were woven together with equal parts light and dark, and are all utterly unforgettable.  At some points, you feel almost as if you’re drowning in the prose, as it’s so cleverly written.


Set in the 1930s and 1940s, the novel explores how an unamusing wind of the clock—just twenty-four hours—is enough to tear apart a family. Briony Tallis is a precocious thirteen-year-old, who obviously knows everything, just because she is thirteen. And so of course she knows plenty about adult motives and adult romance and adult physiology. And so of course she can’t be bothered to think logically when she makes an accusation that will pretty much ruin Robbie and Celia’s lives. Not to mention that the book’s ending will tear out your heart and rid you of all your will to live. It’s great fun. (And though we have yet to see the 2007 film adaption of the book, the movie soundtrack seems to capture Atonement pretty well, with an ingenious use of a typewriter in the music).




Kaz Brekker doesn’t need a reason. Actually, he does. But saying that he doesn’t is just so much creepier. And if Kaz is anything, he’s creepy. Much like this picture of Tobey Maguire.


Right now, you’re probably wondering who this Kaz-character is, anyway? Well, he’s only the darkest, stabbiest, broodiest, anti-hero of a character that exists in any YA book ever. He also has fabulous friend-choosing skills. The “fabulous friends” we speak of are Matthias, Nina, Inej—all very, interesting, complex characters that you need in your life. At its heart, Six of Crows is the ultimate heist novel. To this affect, we’re not going to tell you anymore, because the best part of any such book is the suspense, right, MY INSANE LITTLE SAUSAGES?? And according to vague statements on the internet, the stakes are even higher in the sequel, Crooked Kingdom, which is out September 27th.  Only 5 days away!!!


So even if you’ve already read Six of Crows, it’s absolutely necessary to give it a reread before Crooked Kingdoms is finally delivered into your desperate hands.

The best part of this particular So Many Books is that two out of the three books are part of a series, so really, we’re recommending like seven books. How brillantly sneaky of us, yes? But this isn’t actually a bad thing, because Autumn is the perfect time to go flop down in a leaf pile with a fantastic read and some cinnamon tea or something. (Actually leaf piles are always ichy and full of wasps and earwigs–but the idea of reading in a leaf pile is picturesque, so we’re just gonna go with it.)

Seriously though–we hope that you all have a fantabulous fall (or spring-if you live in Australia), and that one of our books engulfs your heart with the flaming passion of book-love. 

Let’s chat in the comments!

Content Charts
(Because you obviously need to know what you’re about to be reading!)

Cat Royal Books

Graphic Violence None
Sex None
Homosexuality None
Language Some cussing, slang
Disturbing Elements None


Graphic Violence Substantial during Robbie’s narration, otherwise minimal
Sex One fairly intense sequence
Homosexuality None
Language Some rather vulgar sexual innuendo
Disturbing Elements Elements of warfare

Six of Crows

Graphic Violence Several grossly descriptive moments (think things being ripped)
Sex None
Homosexuality Two characters are homosexual
Language Fairly Frequent, one F-word
Disturbing Elements None (other than disturbing aspects of the items listed above)

**We’d like to note that though we may recommend a book, we are not intentionally endorsing the opinions/political views of that book’s author. But hey, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the literature!





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