Bunnies & Books // The Best Combination since English Actors and Rabid Fangirls



Gday Mates

We have some absolutely fantabulous news for y’all today. If you’ve been on our blog at all, you’ll probably have seen this picture floating around:


This photo is…nice. It has books and tea and some dramatically wadded fabric stuffed in the background. Up until today, it used to be our profile picture. Until, of course, the bunnies.

Everybody and their pet lemur who runs a book blog has some sort of bookish profile picture. It’s rather ubiquitous. So we decided to be original, and set up a profile picture with both books AND bunnies (because only demented freaks don’t find rabbits adorable.)  A couple of days ago, we set up a rabbit photo shoot with Clara’s bunnies and came out of it with five thousand adorable pictures and this gorgeous new profile picture:

New Profile Picture.JPG

Obviously, you are now screaming to see more of this cuteness, and so we stuck a bunch more of these pictures at the end of this post. You’re quite welcome. And since all these bunnies are Clara’s, it’s only makes sense that she be the one to introduce them to y’all.

Filli and Killi

These rabbits are Filli and Killi. They’re brothers, and are Holland lops.






This is Elphaba. She’s an Angora. If you have a spindle, you can spin yarn from an Angora’s fur.



20160713_184138 (2)




This is Glinda. She is a dwarf rabbit, and was spared the photo shoot due to her new babies!!!



And if anyone is wondering where in the world Clara got these names from, well, Filli and Killi are from The Hobbit, and Elphaba and Glinda are from the Broadway musical Wicked (aka the snazziest musical EVER.)

***Disclaimer: The books in the pictures were chosen for their beautiful covers/spines, not because they are our favorite books in the entire world. Looking at you, Tangled Webs! (We have aggressively negative feeling toward this book—just wait for the upcoming review… *cue the evil laughter*)

What do you think..PNG

Is our new profile picture dazzlingly majestic, or do you hate it? Do you own/adore rabbits, or do you like them best when they’re in a stew? If you had a pet lemur, would you let it run off a cliff with its friends? Comment and enlighten us! We’re dying to know.





7 Comments Add yours

  1. Luna394 says:

    Awww soo cute!!! I love bunnies

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My brain does not know how to process these extraordinary cuteness levels!!! Your bunnies are adorable and I adore looking at pictures of bunnies, but I have to admit I’m slightly terrified of them in real life. It may be because I once read that it takes the same amount of force to bite through a finger as through a carrot. Not sure whether or not this is true; I’ve yet to test it, but it worries me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good gracious I hope you don’t ever test that!!! Finger biting, though education, really isn’t that beneficial. I’ll pass all the bunny love onto Clara, though. ❤💜 So glad you enjoyed the post!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Alexander says:

    This is LEGIT ya Homies!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Or one might say–to quote the illustrious Geoge the 3rd of Great Britain– “AWESOME! WOW!”


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