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Greetings peasants! Hopefully you are in the midst of a day filled with fabulous books, lots of chocolate, and brillants blog posts like this one. *wink*

Thanks ever so much to QuirkyVictorian over at (Over) Analysing Literature for rather informally passing this tag onto us (as in, she left this tag open to anyone and we picked it up.) You really ought to go check out her blog, mates, as it’s quite charming.


  1. Choose book covers from each colour of the rainbow. Books that are your favourite from that colour! If you can’t find a book of a certain colour then choose a cover that has that colour on it somewhere.
  2. The choices have to be books you own and/or has to be the exact edition you read.
  3. TAG some people to do it!



IMG_4515 (2).JPG

Hermione: The Battle of the Labyrinth is probably my 3rd favorite in the Percy Jackson series (right behind The Last Olympian and The Titian’s Curse). All of the characters are so just young and precious and happy (looking at you Nico!)

Clara: Half Upon a Time is a great adventure story. The whole thing is totally my sense of humor, and the characters are extremely lovable. I also love fairytale mash-ups, so this book was practically written for me!



Hermione: The first time I read Uprising I was a sweet innocent 5th grader who was thrown into agony by the then unparalleled notion of a main character getting KILLED. *spoiler alert* Amazing historical fiction, amazing characters, yay for immigrants!

Clara: I loved the Kane Chronicles, and this was a LEGIT climatic novel. I love seeing all the loose ends tied up, and the romantic climaxes were super funny.


IMG_4517 (2).JPG

Hermione: Alright so this book isn’t yellow, per to say, but there is some yellowish-greenish stuff on the cover. It deserved a place on this post, though. WW2, female spies, British and Scottish accents, friendship and girl power…must I go on?

Clara: 11 Birthdays is one of my favorite’s children’s books. Wendy Mass was writes a compelling story about realistic friendships, magic, and life in an idyllic small town. Everyone should read this book!



IMG_4518 (2).JPG

Clara: The Lost Hero is amazing! You get a whole new group of characters in a familiar world, a great plot, and amazing settings (Hello Quebec in Winter!!!). The entire book had a rich feeling of originality.

Hermione: Surprise! I am the rebellious one who cheated and chose 2 books. Inheritance is fantasy at its BEST. And Emerald GreenGwenny is a sassy time-traveling QUEEN who deserves a better man than Giedon I-know-everything-de Villers. Also it is one of those books that simply make you go hysterical with the giggles.


IMG_4520 (2).JPG

Clara: Drama, Intrigue, RIVER SECRECTS! Part of the reason I liked this book so much was that it starred my favorite character, the one and only RAZO!!! It was neat to see the girls from the other Books of Bayern through the eyes of a non-magical yet totally awesome dude.

Hermione: Truly, truly heart wrenching and gorgeous. All the Light We Cannot See makes you want to live and die all at the same time. WW2 historical fiction, people. It just can’t be beat.



Hermione: Rin of Forest Born is really a beautiful character. Shannon Hale is a really beautiful writer. Must I say anything else? (Also I kind of want people-speaking powers even though that would make me evil…ha ha World Domination HERE I COME.)


Clara: Inkdeath is one of the best fantasys I’ve ever read. The world was dark, rich, and beautiful. The writing was stunning, and I loved watching the characters become ensnared in the webs of the Inkworld.


IMG_4526 (2).JPG

Hermione: I have adored a Little Princess from the moment I burst out of the womb in a quixotic flair of glory. Well, not really. But I have loved this classic unrelentingly ever since I first read it – it’s like the perfect Cinderella story minus the stupid blonde.

Clara: Pies and Prejudiced isn’t my favorite book in the world, but it’s still worthy of notice. The entire Mother Daughter Book Club series is a great coming of age story. I like this book especially because you could clearly see the plot of Jane Austen’s P&P outlined in the lives of the book club girls.


IMG_4528 (2).JPG

Hermione: SHERLOCK SHERLOCK SHERLOCK. My dear readers, must I even explain this one as it is glaring logical?!


Clara: Did I mention I also adore Peter Pan retelling’s? This book gave me such a vivid image. Can’t you just see a little ginger British boy flying around with Tink, talking in an adorable accent? SQUEEEEE!!!!


IMG_4533 (2).JPG

Hermione: Well, to quote Clara “Rules are made to be broken.” So once more I could not choose and wound up with two books instead of one. The Book Thief: The only book I’ve ever finished that made me want to immediately re-read it. Gorgeous writing, such a unique POV, and you really can’t go wrong with WW2. For Darkness Shows the Stars: Proof that a romance doesn’t need to be overly handsy or snog-filled to be so lustfully felt by the reader. The shippiest ship of them all.

Clara: Ahhh Avalon. A heart pounding Sci-Fi adventure, filled with technical definitions, heists and plot twists. This book will keep you on the end of your seat until the end.



Hermione: Last summer I pulled an all-nighter devouring This Side of Paradise. It is basically my favorite classic ever. Amory Blaine is undoubtedly my soulmate, despite the small fact that he turned into a socialist. Nevertheless, one of my children will be named “Amory”, no matter what!!!


Clara: The Elf Stones of Shanara is my favorite Shanara book. A sci-fi\fantasy series with Will Omsford, and Allanon, the druid that will not die.


IMG_4530 (2).JPG

Hermione: There are really no words to describe this book. Between Shades of Gray is just completely and utterly… human. Drop whatever you’re doing and get this on your TBR list.

Clara: This is a book that defies description. What is Left the Daughter is a haunting novel, a father’s letter to the daughter he abandoned, and the realization that sometimes your soulmate is the soulmate of another.  

For now, peasants, we will take our que from the wise and pass this tag onto anyone who’s reading this. It was actually a harder tag than you might think. Ahh, the agony of favoritism. Oh my goodness…what if, whenever you were reading a book, your skin sort of morphed into the color of that book’s jacket? So if you were reading The Hunger Games you’d go all black and get a giant metal bird on your face. Huh. We’ll, um, just leave you with that creepy interesting thought. Au revoir!


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  1. zoe2600 says:

    Love the inkheart series

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    1. I know, they’re such lovely fantasy books.

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  2. I’m glad you decided to do this tag! Your books are so beautiful! And I have that same copy of Sherlock Holmes by the way. I love it so much, and I’ve been known to take it off the shelf and just stare at the cover.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!!! Gosh, I get more pleased when someone complements my books than when they complement my appearance–Bookish life issues *cough cough*…I think I spelled “complement” wrong…? Yes? No? BUT I KNOW I DO LOVE THAT BOOK…I get so tempted just to take it out in public and carry it around to show it off. 😜 ~ Hermione

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, bookish life issues indeed. When people compliment me I’m confused and slightly distrustful, but when they compliment my books I’m just plain happy. 😀

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