Why You Really Ought to Make the Inheritance Cycle Your Next Fantasy Read

1. It’s some serious hard-core fantasy. You know, the good old fashioned kind—dragons and elves and good vs. evil. For anyone in a Frodo-ish mood not quite up to tackling the LotR bricks books.

2. The Main Character has some issues. Fear not, Eragon is no perfectly noble knight in golden armor. More like a hormonal teenage boy who turns into a tree-hugger.


3. There are some pretty wicked female characters.

Nasuada—Kills someone with a spoon. A SPOON people. Not to mention that she’s originally from this nomadic desert tribe and ends up as leader of the massive resistance force (and is a better leader than most everyone else.)

Angela—Um, does it get better than a loony witch with a penchant for riddles, werecats, herbs, and outbreaks of temper? Because she’s basically the grown-up Luna Lovegood of Alagaesia.



Arya—Here’s a classic Arya quote for you: “I am not one of your helpless females to run away whenever there’s danger.” So, you know, she’s your typical feminist warrior elf princess who refuses to let a man save the day (especially when it’s Eragon.) Also you really want to chuck a brick at her throughout the entire series.

Katrina—It’s okay to be a damsel in distress sometimes. (I’m pretty sure I’d have to be rescued too if I was captured by flesh-eating bird-mutants.) Katrina is your proper medieval women, and she’s proof that not wielding a sword doesn’t mean you can’t a strong female character. Bonus! She doesn’t have Arya “NO HELPLESS FEMALES” inferiority complex.


4. The romance is…interesting. Murtagh x Nasuada is possibly Stockholm Syndrome, possibly the most doomed love ever. Either way, “BACK TO THE STONE!” is just an ICONIC line. And don’t even get us STARTED on Eragon and Arya…

5. Each race has a pretty well-developed culture. The dwarves have giant drums, the elves have magic trees and hairless old men, the Urgals have a lot of angst, and the humans have Roran Stronghammer. Which brings us to our next point…

6. Roran is unquestionably awesome.


7. The villains were actually villains. None of the wishy-washy “They’re just misunderstood” crap; Galbatorix, Durza, and others were actually evil.

8. Dragons! Seriously, anyone who claims to love fantasy has to appreciate a good dragon series. The Inheritance books are one of the only two book series I have ever read that has legit dragons. (DISCLAIMER: Clara put in the “legit”, I Hermione don’t use such vulgar slang)


9. Food for the imagination. Okay, so the Eragon fandom (aside from being basically nonexistent) has NO good artists. You can get your own images of the characters without some fantastic Viria fan art skewing up your mental image. On the downside, if you do try to find some fan art you have to suffer through endless pages of badly drawn Eragon pictures before you find a good one.

Welllll, maybe that’s not totally true. We present to you: some AMAZING FANTABULOUS fan art…




To whoever drew these- j’taime beaucoup!!

10. The men are MEN. They grunt a lot, for starters. Also sometimes they have some ego issues: they change their last name to their fit their accomplishments. Roran Stronghammer? Eragon Shadeslayer? Do you see the females doing this???? Does Nasuada change her name to Nasuada Vardenleader; does Arya become Arya Awsomeelf? I THINK NOT.

11. The Movie is basically a comedy for book fans. After you finish the books you can laugh your socks off at the ridiculously terrible movie. Featuring…

Bad acting!


Bad costume design! (Let’s talk about this weird leather vest okay)


A bad script!

No script, you will most definitely NOT be fine! You need to be BURNED!!!

And…this meadow! (LOW BUDGET FILM ALERT)





(As in, this is the same stinking meadow reused in all these different shots! GET A NEW MEADOW PEOPLE.)

Basically you just want to do this to the director:


And as a final gift, we give you these lovely images.




So what are you waiting for?? Just go and read these already! And have a lovely day!!








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