The Heir of Stupidness and the Even Dumber Sequel

Hello Chums. It’s meeee! Clara Oswin-Oswald, certified blogger, companion and overall awesome person. I am spending my humble time to give you peasants the gift of my opinion on a book whose purpose is to brainwash teenage girls. Yes, peasants you know of what I speak because you read the title. The Heir…to what?! To a useless legacy of feminism, that’s what. If you have not read The Heir and are looking for ideas if you should, read no further. The book sucks. End of story.


Now for those who have suffered through—I mean read The Heir, read on for why I hated this book. BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!! First off, the main character, Evelyn: an annoying feminist who’s all, OH MY GOSH, I WEAR PANTS, IM SUCH A REBEL LOLS!!!!!! 🙂 😉 Okay, I might have exaggerated on the lols part. But still. Evelyn is a totally shallow character. Her brother doesn’t get to rule because Evie’s parents decided that being a girl was a horrible reason to not give her the throne. Evie is a whining shallow brat, who the author tries to portray as a strong, brave, opinionated, female mini-America. So naturally when political unrest makes America and Maxon decided to have another selection, she loses it. But since she has no flaws, she realizes, what’s best for her country and gives in. NOBEL TWIT!

L6GYLH (1).gif

So some boring selectionish stuff happens, and the book drags on. You meet the men that she is supposed to choose from, she kisses one, blah blah blah.


Naturally she feels a strong attraction to the one guy who’s not properly in the selection: ERIK! The hot interpreter for one of the other Selection dudes. You just know she’s going to pick him because following the rules would be sooooooo boring. Then The Heir ends. OOOOHHH IM DYING OF SUSPENSE WHO DOES EVELYN PICK! Not.


Then we pick up with The Crown. I didn’t actually read this one, but I googled the wiki summary. Here are the only four things you need to know about the book.

  1. Two guys turn gay
  2. America dies and comes back
  3. Evelyn picks Erik
  4. Maxon gives Evelyn and Erik the throne


That’s all peeps. Basic overview, don’t bother to read these books. If you thought The Selection was bad, don’t try to suffer through The Heir and The Crown. Do yourself a favor and read actual literature instead.


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  1. Haha! Oh, I enjoyed reading this review. I had no intention of reading these books, and now I really don’t. I have a feeling this review was more entertaining than the book. 🙂

    I really dislike those characters that practically have a sign over their head, obnoxiously announcing “I AM A STRONG FEMALE CHARACTER, LOOK AT ME!!!!!” And this sounds like one of those.

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  2. this is Clara, thanks so much for the positive feedback! 🙂


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